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Spring is in the air.
You can see the buds peeking out on the trees. You can feel the air getting a little warmer. And the days are staying lighter longer.
Spring is a time of action, rebirth and re-commitment. It’s a time to come alive again.

Today’s article offers you a fun way to greet the coming season.

In yoga, students are encouraged to find their soft edge–to stretch deep enough where you feel the stretch but do not feel pain. It is at this edge where the muscles release and then you can breathe in and stretch just a little bit further.

This week I invite you to go on an ADVENTURE DAY. Choose something that challenges you, that takes you to your own soft edge.

It could be something that you’ve always wanted to do but were a little too scared, or something you never considered doing by yourself.

Maybe you’ll go a movie by yourself, or take yourself out for a lovely meal. Maybe you’ll sign up for a class you’ve always dreamed of taking or go on a solo road trip.

It should NOT cause you harm or put you in danger.

I love going to ethnic supermarkets. They are full of new smells, foods I’m not familiar with, beautiful packaging and unusual non-edible items. And the sounds of people speaking in their native tongue is fascinating.

I love perusing the produce section for something I’ve never seen before and buying it, just to taste it.

Moving BEYOND what is comfortable and safe is where real growth can happen.

Where will you take yourself?

While you are on your adventure, notice:

What tickles your fancy?

What makes you stop and go back for a second look?

What do you see that you’ve never seen before?

How does it feel to do this thing by yourself?

I’d love to hear about your adventures. Please share them by clicking on the Comments below.

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