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As many of you know, I used to be very active in the local art community. I made things from recycled materials and exhibited my work in galleries. I also organized group exhibitions that featured established and emerging artists and their work.

This, to me, was obviously creative work.

But for the past three years I have not made any art or curated any shows. I’ve hardly even stepped into an art gallery to look at work.

And I’ve been feeling very UN-creative.

The funny thing is, in my work as a coach I am always reminding my clients that we are all creative beings.

So, what is creativity? Is it only painting or singing or dancing?
Do you think you “don’t have a creative bone in your body,” that you’re not creative because you can’t even draw stick figures.

In my Jump-Start Your Creative Heart workshops, one of the first things we talk about is this skewed definition of creativity. And then I bring out my favorite dictionary for children and read that the word create simply means “to make something new.” It says nothing about requiring a paintbrush or clay or even artistic talent.

Creativity is seeing things in a new way.
Creativity is making a new choice.
Creativity is becoming aware of where we are and where we want to be in our lives.

Creativity is energy. It is how you notice the world around you and share it with others.

So how can we apply this to creating ourselves?

It can be everything from how we wear our hair and the clothes we choose, to how we decorate our home. It can be how we choose to say YES and NO in our lives.

It can be realizing the work we most love to do and finding ways to incorporate that into our daily lives, even if we aren’t being paid.

Creating begins with paying attention. As soon as we begin to take inventory of what and who we are, we are able to see what more we want to create for ourselves.

So who are you today? And what would you love to create for yourself?

I’d love to hear your answers.

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