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Usually, when we are asked what we dream about, what we’d love to do, what our true passion in life might be, we stay in our heads, thinking our way to the answer.

And so we usually come up with the same responses. And we also come up against the same limiting thoughts that keep us from moving in the direction of our desires.

In the Spark Your Heart, Ignite Your Life Coaching Program, we approach these powerful questions through non-thinking activities, using crayons, markers, magazines and other right-brained materials.

Often, just writing with a crayon or turning our paper sideways or even writing on blank paper instead of staying within the lines will shift how we express ourselves.

Here’s an exercise from the Program, designed to help you tap into your deeper self, where your real heart’s desires can speak to you.

No artistic experience is necessary!

Three Hearts

What you will need:

minimum of 30 minutes

a quiet, comfortable place to work

blank paper (at least 8×10) or a sketchbook

colors (markers, crayons, colored pencils…)

1st heart

What do you love?

Draw a big heart on your page, any color, any medium.

Inside the heart, brainstorm all the things that bring you joy, make you smile, lift your spirit…. They can be big things, little things, people, places, activities….you can write, draw, use symbols, colors–however you choose to express what you love. No judgment or rationalizing allowed.

If you get stuck, try focusing on the FEELING of joy and you may be reminded of things that make you feel that way.

Now, on a clean piece of paper:

2nd heart

What WOULD you love….

This heart is a space to dream, to write down all of your absurd ideas, secret longings, forgotten dreams, wild fantasies….. Assume that you have all of the money, skills, equipment and whatever else you might need to do what you would LOVE to do. Again, No Judgment or rationalizing allowed.

Now, on a third piece of paper:

3rd heart

Draw a heart, the size of your choice: small enough to carry with you or large enough to post on your wall. Let it be big enough hold your biggest dreams.

Choose one thing from either your first heart or second heart that you want to focus on bringing to your life….draw or write it in this heart

Feel free to decorate this heart as you focus on the intention. Tape it up where you will see it every day, or tuck it into your wallet. Be sure to look at it regularly.

Holding this vision literally in your present moment consciousness will help you keep this dream alive.

Please share your comments, your experience, your dreams in the comments below.

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