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As I write this, it is 107° outside. In the shade. Typical summer numbers for Phoenix. And it’s not even the expected high for the day.

Yes, it’s a dry heat. But so is your oven. Imagine standing in your oven with your blow dryer in your face and you can get a sense of what it’s like to step out in the heat of the day.

Everywhere I go, people are bemoaning the heat, the dryness, the insufferable, unending summer.

But does complaining make it any cooler?


In fact, some people say that focusing on how miserable you feel will make you even more miserable.

So, this week I challenged myself to come up with at least FIVE reasons why I LOVE the summer heat, even the Phoenix summer heat.

And it actually did make me feel a little less hot. Under the collar, anyway.


  1. The laundry on the line is dry in 10 minutes.
  2. Because there’s hardly any humidity, I’m not sweating so much that I feel like I just got out of the shower. (And if I were sweating, it would evaporate before I realized it.)
  3. The hotter the air, the more refreshing the water in the swimming pool feels.
  4. I can turn the temperature on the water heater way down.
  5. A lot of people leave town for the summer (because of the heat) so there’s less traffic on the roads.
  6. At least once during the summer, the local newscaster will try to fry an egg on the sidewalk.

I encourage you to write your own list. Even if it’s just two or three things.

Find ways to appreciate the weather where you live.

Imagine how this could translate into other areas of life where it would be so much easier to just complain……

I’d love to hear your comments and your lists. Please share them by clicking on the Comments below!

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