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Today is Memorial Day in the US, a day we honor and remember those who have died in active military service.

Maybe you know someone who gave their life fighting for our country. Maybe you know someone who is currently serving in our military.

Today is a day to acknowledge, not only those who have fought for our national freedom, but also for our personal freedoms.

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As a kid, I marched in the local Memorial Day parades–one year as a beginning baton twirler, one year as a girl scout, and years later, with my alto sax in my high school marching band. We played patriotic songs and there was a lot of flag waving.

But I never knew anyone in the military.

But I did know people who had died. So I began to think of Memorial Day as a day to remember all kinds of people who were special to me.

Lately, I’ve been thinking how so many people in our lives fight for our freedom. Our parents, our teachers, our best friend on the playground–each one takes a stand for us, for our right to be our authentic selves.

Today is a great day to remember that special teacher, the kind neighbor, that helpful employer who encouraged you to believe in yourself, to claim your own personal power, to step into your shining light of freedom of expression.

Here are a few ways to honor those special heroes in your life:

  • Write them a letter of thanks, even if you don’t send it
  • Take a few moments and remember their face, their voice, maybe even something they said to you that you still hear in your head
  • Tell a friend a story about this person
  • Click below to add a comment and post their name and why you remember them

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