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Ruth & SARK

Delight Yourself First

That’s the message that writer, artist, color queen SARK shared this past weekend at the annual Coaching Conference at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe.

Don’t just write a list of to-do’s, make the activity fun and exciting and delightful. If you want to go to Europe, she said, instead of writing down Get a Passport, find your passport application and fondle it lovingly. If your dream is to plant a garden, don’t Buy Fertilizer. Go on a fertilizer adventure.

Anyone who is familiar with SARK, free spirit and author of 15 inspiring books, knows that she lives a life of delight. Her loud laugh fill the room with her true love of living.

We all have creative dreams, she said. Your creative dreams will wait for you. They want to be made real. She shared some of her tools and tricks for keeping her own creative dreams alive.  Action comes before inspiration, she said. Find ways to delightfully make micro-movements to make your dreams real.


Say YES to something that delights you.

Say YES to envisioning your creative dreams.

Say YES to Sparking Your Heart with one of our workshops.

For more delights from SARK, visit her wild and wonderful world at

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