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They say that if you are a runner and want to improve your speed, you should run with someone faster than you. That the competition will motivate you, challenge you, inspire you to be better, faster, stronger.

My dream is to write my book about living creatively, travel around the country in my RV to book-signings and speaking engagements and lead guest workshops.

For years, this dream was just a quiet, private vision in my own head. It wasn’t until this past year that I have shared my dream out loud and taken action to make it happen. I am teaching my workshops again locally, and I have started writing my book. I am on my path, moving forward to realizing my bigger dream.

And on most days I feel balanced and content with the pace of how I am moving.

And then I see my mentors up-leveling their lives, offering webinars and teleconference calls, touring all over with their newest books and suddenly I feel very far behind in my own goals and I wonder if I will ever get where they are.

I could easily get stuck in this place of envy and discontent and fear that I will never live my dreams.

But then I stop and breathe and acknowledge that I am exactly where I need to be. That I am moving at my own pace, with my own plan. They have been doing their work for a much longer time. They have written many books. I’ve just started writing mine.

And once I feel grounded again on my own path, I am able to say a prayer of gratitude for them being ahead of me, holding up even more possibilities for me to imagine for myself.

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