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from Niki de Saint Phalle's Queen Califia's Magical Circle

What story are you telling?

For the last two years I have been angry and resentful about the care I received after my open heart surgery that left me with an ugly and painful keloid scar. I wrote letters asking the doctor to take responsibility and pay for a scar revision but was denied.

When I finally heard myself telling my story out loud, I realized that I was holding on to all kinds of negativity that really wasn’t serving me. I had set myself up as a victim in my own story.

Once I realized this simple truth, I asked myself, what story would I rather be telling? Did I want to continue the fight and pursue legal action, fueling the anger and resentment? Did I want to keep seeing a part of my body as ugly?

I knew I needed to let go of the who-done-me-wrong saga and find a new story to tell where, instead of a victim, I am a hero.

What new story would you rather tell?

I thought about what I really wanted to happen. I considered what I could do that came from a place of strength and personal power.

My new story is that I am strong, healthy, healed. And that this year, I will make more than enough money to be able to easily afford to choose my own plastic surgeon and have the scar revision procedure.

It sounds simple, I know: Just tell a different story.

But it works. If you change the story, the story changes.

Already I feel lighter without the anger and resentment. I am no longer harboring those victim feelings. Not surprisingly, while my scar is still sensitive, it is a little less painful, less red, less angry. And my body really does feel stronger and healthier. And I know that I am healed.

It’s a great feeling to be the hero of my own story. I invite you to listen to the stories you are telling. Are they true? Would a different story serve you better? How can you be the hero of your own story?

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