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Ask and the Universe Answers

— But Not Necessarily How Or When We Expect It To

What are you asking for in your life?

Do you have a pre-conceived idea of what it will look like when it comes?

Are you working so hard to make it happen that you are not allowing it to effortlessly unfold?

We’ve all heard about the Law of Attraction, that if we want something and focus on it, it will come.

I truly believe this, know it to be true from my own life experiences.

What they don’t tell you is that, when we are wanting something to come into our life, expecting it to look a certain way, we often miss what does come.

This usually happens to me when I am so focused on thinking that I know what this thing will look like, that I have blinders on to any other possibilities.

A personal story to illustrate my point:

These past few months I have been telling friends that I am looking for new ways to market my creative living coaching and workshop business. In my mind’s eye, I was expecting that someone would put me in touch with someone else who loved what I was offering and suddenly, business would magically explode.

So when an email from one of my mentors came through my Inbox about a free teleconference called UpLeveling Your Business–all about Customers, Creativity and Cash, I forwarded it to a colleague who I thought might benefit from it, then deleted the email from my own Inbox.

The following day another friend who had also received the announcement asked me if I had signed up. She said that it sounded like just the thing I was looking for.


But I wasn’t able to see that because I was expecting a person to come into my life, not a teleconference call.

I signed up for the free teleconference call and I got a lot of fresh ideas and inspirations. At the end of the call, my mentor offered her new, Uplevel Your Business Program and Blueprint to the callers.

I did not let the high price tag influence my decision, cutting through to the realization that, here I was, being offered ten weeks of proven ways to increase my business AND it included a Mastermind group with my mentor.

At dinner later that week I shared the story with a friend, even saying how I had secretly wished my mentor would invite me to a Mastermind group. We laughed at my blindness to how the Universe often offers us exactly what we ask for.

Another story, to bring the point home:

Several years ago I moved into a little guest house. For a long time it was a wonderful space — quiet, cozy, just enough room. But after four years, I was feeling stuck and small and I just wanted out.

I made a list of everything I wanted in my new place, and then I got in my car and drove up and down the neighborhoods every day, searching, looking, seeking. I scanned Craig’s List daily, worked with a rental realtor and looked at at least a dozen houses.

But none was right. And it was hardly effortless.

So I stopped looking, tucked my Want List away and refocused my need for space on internal shifts and changes.

Two years later after much personal work, I began thinking about moving again – not to get out of where I was, but more, to move into a bigger, more spacious, happier life.

The first day that I perused Craig’s list, just to see what was out there, I found my dream home. I signed the lease two days later.

As I was packing up my things, I found the piece of paper where I had written my list of what my dream home would have, and my new home had EVERY SINGLE THING that I wanted.

Of course it did.


What are you asking for in your life?

What if you opened to the IDEA of it and let go of how and what you think might or should show up.

Maybe it is already there, right in front of you.

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